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  • [Ask] Cooling fan common faults, causes and solutions are there?

    Cooling demand is important for the effective operation of the system. Efficient operation of the system must provide the ideal operating condition...
  • [Ask] Cooling fan dumped oil What is the reason?

    Brushless cooling fan structure divided into: oil structures, hydraulic structures, ceramic structure, ball structure (divided, single roll, double roll structure).
  • [Ask] How to choose a suitable industrial fan

    And industrial ceiling fan is different, exhaust fan is mounted directly on the wall of the hole, the polluted indoor air discharge when to outdoor...
  • [Ask] What is Dual Ball bearing fan?

    What is Dual Ball bearing fan?Pease read this.
  • [Ask] YCCFAN cooling fan model numbering system

    YCCFAN cooling fan model numbering system
  • [Ask] YCCFAN CycleSeal Bearing System Introduction

    Since 2014,YCCFAN made a new product design concept:'Best Price Best Quality',and we palned to develop a new bearing system which same as sleeve bearing price and dual ball bearing quality,meanwhile solved the noise issue.After 3 years efforts and experiments,finally we developed the 'CycleSeal Beraing System'.The products with CycleSeal bearing had been widely used in strict standard automotive firstly,and got good feedback from customers. CycleSeal is a kind of Bearing System that combination by a variety of high-quality materials,keep grease cycled working in a sealed space to extended the product's lifetime.