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Production and Delivery Capability

YCCFAN has established itself as a prominent fan factory in the cooling fan industry since its inception in 2011. Through the dedicated efforts of our team, we have grown exponentially, boasting an impressive infrastructure and a commitment to delivering innovative solutions to our customers.

Cooling Fan Production System

Our company operates from an independent plant spanning more than 23,000 square meters, strategically located in Shenzhen, China. Our fan factory is equipped with cutting-edge cooling fan production system, including automatic production lines and injection workshops. With over 900 highly skilled employees, we achieve a remarkable daily production capacity of more than 210,000 units. Additionally, our branch in Shenzhen contributes significantly to our production capabilities, with a daily capacity of 140,000+ units.

With the principle of honesty and innovation, we provide affordable miniature cooling fans and fan cooling system solutions for every YCCFAN customer!

  • 140000+
    Daily capacity 140,000 units (Shenzhen)
  • 70000+
    Daily capacity 70,000 units (Zhejiang)

Production Equipment

Production Equipment
Manual Production Line
Our fan factory is equipped with a manual assembly line that can accommodate simultaneous soldering of components on boards and function testing, reducing lead times.
Balancing Equipment
Miniature cooling fans are an essential part of your equipment's fan cooling system. Our fan factory has advanced balancing equipment for rigorous balancing and testing of fans and blowers with AC or DC motors.
Automatic Assembly Line
The YCCFAN fan production factory has a perfect automated assembly line, which cannot only strictly control the production speed of miniature cooling fans but also guarantee the quality of the product and reduce human errors.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management
  • FIFO
  • Software Management
  • System Administration