YCCFAN: Small Blower Fans for Efficient Cooling Solutions

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Durable Construction for Long-lasting Performance

At YCCFAN, we prioritize durability in the construction of our small blower fans. Our fans are built with glass fiber reinforced plastic, providing excellent strength and resistance to wear and tear. The impellers and housing are made from UL 94V-0 rated PBT material, known for its high resistance to heat and flame. This construction ensures that our small blower fans can withstand demanding conditions and maintain reliable performance over time, making them suitable for a wide range of cooling applications.


 Wide Operating Temperature Range for Versatility

YCCFAN's small blower fans are designed to operate effectively across a wide temperature range. With CycleSeal bearing models, our fans can operate reliably from -10to +70. This wide operating temperature range ensures that our small blower fans can provide efficient cooling in various environments and applications. Whether you need to cool electronics, machinery, or other equipment, you can trust our fans to deliver optimal performance and maintain stable temperatures.


Versatile Function Options for Customized Cooling

We understand that different cooling applications have unique requirements. That's why YCCFAN's small blower fans offer a variety of function options for customization. Our fans come with features such as FG (Frequency Generator), RD (Rotation Detection), PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), Auto Restart, and Polarity Protection. These function options allow you to customize the fan's speed, rotation, and operation to meet your specific cooling needs. With YCCFAN's small blower fans, you can achieve efficient and tailored cooling performance.



YCCFAN offers small blower fans that provide efficient and effective cooling solutions for a wide range of applications. With durable construction, including glass fiber reinforced plastic and UL 94V-0 rated impellers and housing, our fans are built to last and deliver reliable performance. The wide operating temperature range ensures versatility, allowing our fans to perform optimally in various environments. Additionally, the versatile function options provide customization and control over the fan's operation, enabling you to achieve tailored cooling performance. Trust YCCFAN's small blower fans to meet your cooling needs and enhance the efficiency of your equipment. Experience the quality and performance that our brand offers in the small blower fan industry. Choose YCCFAN as your trusted partner for efficient cooling solutions.