R&D Design

R&D Design
High Power Fan
High-end power industry, communication photovoltaic industry
Bearing Systems
Long life, low noise, high reliability, product optimization, modular
Micro Fan
New digital products for the precision instrument industry
Related Products
Expanded product development for related products

R&D Equipment

R&D Equipment
  • Wind tunnel laboratory (3 units)
  • Noise Lab (10.3dBa)
  • Magnetic curve meter
  • Temperature rise test recorder
  • Quadratic Equipment

Reliability Testing

Reliability Testing
Part of the reliability test is selected according to customer's customized requirements
  • Motor temperature rise testA
  • ON/OFF testB
  • Lockdown testC
  • High and low temperature testingD
  • Drop testE
  • FFlexural force test
  • GVibration Testing
  • HSalt spray test
  • ISand and dust test
  • JWaterproof test
  • KCold & Heat Shock

Customized Fans

Customized Fans
We follow the business principle of ‘Customer First,People Oriented’, base on Integrity Principle,Innovation Attitude,provide valuable products and cooling solutions for each customer!
  • 0.1
    Programming Fans
  • 0.2
    Waterproof Fan
  • 0.3
    Special Fans
  • 0.4
  • 0.5