A Trusted Source for an Extensive Selection of Cooling Fans: YCCFAN

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Wide Range of Cooling Fans

YCCFAN is dedicated to meeting the diverse cooling requirements of various industries. Our product range includes DC cooling fans, which are ideal for applications where low power consumption and quiet operation are essential. Additionally, we offer AC cooling fans known for their robust performance and ability to handle high temperatures. Our axial fans are designed to provide efficient airflow for cooling systems, while our blowers are perfect for applications requiring high-pressure airflow. Furthermore, we have the expertise to develop custom fans tailored to your specific needs. Whatever your cooling needs may be, YCCFAN has the right solution for you.


Superior Quality and Reliability

At YCCFAN, we prioritize quality and reliability in our cooling fan designs. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. For example, our cooling fans are subjected to a voltage test of 2000VAC/6Hz for one minute, with the leakage current kept below 1mA between the outer frame and the yellow sub. This stringent testing guarantees the safety and performance of our cooling fans in demanding industrial environments. Moreover, our cooling fans are constructed with high-quality materials, including die-cast aluminum housing and glass fiber-reinforced plastic, ensuring durability and longevity. The impeller is UL 94V-0 rating, and the shaded pole motor is thermal or impedance protected for enhanced reliability. We also offer the flexibility of lead wire or terminal options to suit your specific requirements.


Customization and Tailored Solutions

YCCFAN understands that each customer may have unique cooling needs. That's why we offer customization services to ensure our cooling fans meet your specific requirements. Our experienced team of engineers will work closely with you to understand your cooling challenges and develop tailored solutions. Whether it's adjusting fan speed, airflow, or noise levels, we have the capabilities to create custom cooling fans that perfectly align with your application. With YCCFAN, you can rely on our expertise and commitment to delivering personalized cooling fan solutions.



YCCFAN is your reliable source for a wide range of cooling fans. Our extensive product lines include DC cooling fans, AC cooling fans, axial fans, blowers, custom fans, and more. We offer high-speed cooling fans ranging in size from 20 mm to 250 mm, ensuring that we have the right solution for your cooling needs. Our products are built with superior quality and reliability, undergoing rigorous testing to meet the highest standards. With customization options and tailored solutions, YCCFAN can provide you with the perfect cooling fan solution for your specific application. Trust YCCFAN to deliver exceptional cooling fans, including our reliable AC cooling fans, that enhance the performance and efficiency of your cooling systems. Partner with us for all your cooling fan needs and experience the YCCFAN difference.