Discover YCCFAN: Your Reliable Source for Small Blower Fans

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Uncompromising Durability: Constructed for Longevity

The construction of our small blower fans is a testament to their durability and reliability. The impeller and housing, made of glass fiber-reinforced plastic (PBT), are UL 94V-0 rated, ensuring flame resistance and protection against potential hazards. This construction not only enhances the longevity of the fans but also makes them suitable for various applications in demanding environments. Whether you need cooling in industrial settings, electronic equipment, or automotive systems, our small blower fans are built to withstand the most challenging conditions.


Optimal Performance Across Temperature Extremes

Operating temperature range is a critical factor when it comes to selecting the right blower fans for your applications. YCCFAN's small blower fans are equipped with CycleSeal bearings that can operate reliably in temperatures ranging from -10to +70. This wide temperature range allows our fans to perform consistently and efficiently, even in extreme conditions. Whether your application requires cooling in high-temperature environments or in colder climates, our small blower fans are up to the task.


Electrical Safety and Reliability

Electrical safety is paramount in any application involving fans. Our small blower fans are designed with a focus on insulation resistance, boasting a minimum of 10meg Ohm at 500 VDC between the frame and terminal. This ensures optimal electrical performance and minimizes the risk of electrical issues or malfunctions. With YCCFAN's small blower fans, you can have peace of mind knowing that your equipment and systems are protected and operate reliably.



In conclusion, YCCFAN is your reliable source for small blower fans that excel in performance, durability, and electrical safety. Constructed with glass fiber-reinforced plastic impellers and housings rated UL 94V-0, our fans are built to withstand the test of time. With an impressive operating temperature range of -10to +70, they perform optimally in various environments. Additionally, their insulation resistance of 10meg Ohm min at 500 VDC ensures the utmost electrical safety. Trust YCCFAN to provide you with small blower fans that meet your needs, whether you require cooling in industrial settings, electronic equipment, or automotive systems. Experience the difference with YCCFAN's commitment to quality and reliability.