Basic manual for the use of cooling fans

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What we can do is to prevent and safely use the product, so that the product can maintain the best condition and reduce the natural loss of the product, if it is used improperly, the life of the cooling fan will naturally be shortened or even damage to it, so the daily care, use and maintenance has become a point of concern. So after buying a cooling fan, how should we use and maintain it? Here's a manual on how to use a cooling fan.

1, when the cooling fan in operation, do not let the cooling fan fan blades locked for too long, which will produce high heat loss or even directly burn the DC fan.

2, whether the cooling fan just purchased back or has been installed in the machine, to avoid the entry of dust, water droplets, which directly affects the life of the cooling fan and short circuit problems. However, it is known that the fan blade of the cooling fan is very easy to absorb dust, so we need to clean and maintain every once in a while.

3, the use of oil bearing cooling fan will affect the cooling performance of the cooling fan if it is not used for a long time. (It is best not to leave it vacant for more than five months)

4, the power cord of the cooling fan should not be pulled at will, it is easy to cause damage to the shaft and power cord.

5, when transferring the cooling fan to minimize too much bump, otherwise it will directly affect the use of the product.

5, cooling fan in the installation of screwing, the strength should be appropriate, too tight will directly damage the cooling fan, too loose may lead to cooling fan in the operation of the off.

6, also pay attention to the temperature environment of the fan, if the cooling fan is used in a high temperature environment, it may make the fan blade deformation.


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