Understanding the principle and installation of DC cooling fans

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DC cooling fan is an important cooling device in modern industry, which is widely used because of its simple structure, easy installation, good heat dissipation effect and long service life. So what is the structure and principle of DC cooling fan, and how to buy and install it reasonably?

The main structure and principle of DC cooling fan.

DC cooling fan mainly consists of a motor rotor, stator, fan blades and other auxiliary components combined. There are many semiconductor components in the control circuit, and today's technology can already put multiple semiconductor components in one or more ICs, and many manufacturers will specialize in designing a variety of models to control the motor IC power road user design. Different models of IC control circuits are different, but the main purpose of these designs is to provide more effective control and protection for the DC cooling fan to provide coil function. The working principle of DC cooling fan is mainly through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction, the electrical energy into kinetic energy, which drives the rotation of the fan blades, relying on the coil and IC constantly switch, induction magnetic ring from driving the air blades rotating cooling equipment.


Steps for DC cooling fan installation.

1. Disassemble the DC cooling fan and check the circuit board and coil windings inside. Use a multimeter to test the three coil windings and the circuit board for each component.

2, the installation aperture of the fan must be larger than the diameter of the fan.

3, the installation of DC cooling fan and the panel can not leave a gap between, or it will affect the effect of heat dissipation.

4, the wind direction and flow cross-sectional area changes will also weaken the cooling effect.

5, installation on the box fan aligned with the screw holes into the panel openings, the use of the included mounting screws and nuts will be fixed it, the cover can be installed up and down.

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