The difference between AC fans and DC fans

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Cooling fans can be divided into two main categories: AC cooling fans and DC cooling fans. And mainly used in computer equipment, household appliances, automotive equipment, mechanical equipment and other fields for its ventilation and heat dissipation. Among them, AC cooling fans are mainly used in industrial machinery and equipment, medical equipment and other large equipment; DC cooling fans are generally used in computer electronics, household appliances and other small devices. In addition to these, let's look at the main differences between AC cooling fans and DC cooling fans.

1、The operation principle of AC/DC cooling fans

(1), the principle of DC cooling fan operation is based on Ampere's theorem to achieve the conductor through the current, so that the surrounding magnetic field, if the conductor is placed in another fixed magnetic field, it will generate suction or repulsion, causing the object to generate kinetic energy. Inside the fan blade of a DC cooling fan, a magnetic rubber magnet is attached around a silicon steel sheet, and two sets of coils are wound around the shaft, and a Hall induction assembly is used as a synchronization detection device to control a circuit that causes the two sets of coils wound around the shaft to work in turn. The silicon steel sheet generates different magnetic poles, and this magnetic pole generates a repulsion force with the rubber magnet. When the repulsive force is greater than the static friction of the cooling fan, the fan blade will start to run.

(2), AC cooling fan operation principle is to work through the direct supply of AC power, through the fixed AC frequency, the silicon steel blade produces a magnetic field switching, so that the cooling fan blades produce kinetic energy, rotating operation. The higher the power supply frequency the faster the magnetic field switching speed, then the higher the speed of the AC cooling fan.

2、Parameter structure of AC/DC cooling fan

The power consumption of DC cooling fans is much smaller than that of AC cooling fans, and the maximum speed that DC fans can achieve is also higher than that of AC fans. Secondly, DC cooling fans have magnets in the fan blades, while AC cooling fans do not; DC cooling fans have PCB boards, while AC cooling fans do not; the appearance of AC and DC fans is also a bit different, and the general AC silicon steel sheet is thicker than DC ones.

3、Price of AC/DC cooling fans

In terms of the same grade and brand of cooling fans, DC fans are generally more expensive than AC fans. After all, you get what you pay for, so just pick your own suitable cooling fan!


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