How to select a cooling fan manufacturer?

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At present, there are many people who do not understand the cooling fan in the purchase, often fall into the misconceptions of the industry selection, obviously a penny a penny, they spend a large price but it is difficult to buy the right cooling fan, then you must have fallen into the industry misconceptions. If you want to pick the right or even value for money cooling fan, you must first understand the industry, understand the product, and then see how we pick the cooling fan. Now Yongchengchuang cooling fan manufacturer to tell you what we need to pay attention to when picking a cooling fan.

First of all, many people will think that domestic products do not eliminate static electricity like foreign cooling fans, so in the purchase of domestic products are not included in their shopping list. Although some of China's industrial technology has not yet done than the high level of foreign technology, but in this aspect of the domestic cooling fan some well-known brands are still able to compare with their foreign counterparts, many famous domestic brands for many years, in terms of technology, is not lagging behind imported products, as compared with imported products, the domestic price is also an advantage, the cost performance will even be much higher.


Secondly, many people will think that the centrifugal fan is a consumable, so if we want to change it, we should try to buy an affordable and cost-effective one. It is also wrong to think so. Many companies will now precisely position the cooling fan as an anti-static consumable, allowing customers to increase the frequency of replacement and keep the cost of the product very low to attract customers' attention. This is tantamount to a bottomless black hole, because as we increase the frequency of replacement, the cost of additional disassembly, replacement and installation will also increase, which not only does not reduce the cost, but even more time-consuming and labor-intensive. In fact, in general, cooling fans can not be considered as consumables, as small and medium-sized supporting facilities and equipment, their service life is determined by the use of the site environment and frequency of use and cooling fan quality, the working environment is not the same service life is naturally different. We try to select cost-effective products with longer service life when selecting.

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