How to distinguish between good and bad DC fans?

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Cooling fan contains DC fan and AC fan, today we briefly talk about DC fan. Many manufacturers don't know how to choose DC fans, they usually find more suppliers, take samples to try whether they can rotate, and then combine the price factor to make a choice. But only the price as a reference factor to choose DC fans is not right, so how should we distinguish a DC fan to see the current

1, strong magnetic conductivity of the product

3, high copper content

Second, listen to the noise

1, the better the shape of the fan blade of the DC fan design, the greater the air volume, the lower the noise. This is a great test of the technical staff's ability.

3、Low noise means less friction, longer life of bearings and cores, and longer life of DC fans.

DC fan with the same specification and speed, the one with less vibration is better. DC fan is a part running at high speed, and vibration will definitely exist. The smaller the vibration, the smoother the fan will run, and the greater the loss of bearings and cores. It will also reduce the oil evaporation and ball wear, and the service life will be longer.


These are some of the criteria we have summarized to judge the quality of DC fans. Shenzhen YCCFAN Technology Co.,Ltd. has more than 10 years of experience in R&D and production of DC fans and has a good market reputation, welcome to call us.