The difference between DC fans and AC fans

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Cooling fans can be mainly divided into DC cooling fans and AC cooling fans, what is the difference between these two types of cooling fans?

First, the principle is different

The principle of AC fan is AC, the supply voltage will alternate sinusoidally. The supply voltage of DC fans is fixed and must depend on circuit control so that the two sets of coils work in turn to generate different magnetic fields. Since the AC fan power supply frequency is fixed, the speed of pole change of the silicon steel blade is determined by the power supply frequency, and the higher the frequency the faster the magnetic field switches and the faster the speed will be. The higher the frequency the faster the magnetic field switches and the faster the speed will be. Just like the principle that the more poles a DC fan has the faster the speed. However, the frequency should not be too fast, otherwise it will lead to activation difficulties. Generally, we use DC fans on computer coolers. Usually a good cooling fan mainly considers airflow, speed, noise, service life and what type of structure fan bearings are used.


Second, the air volume is different

Because of the large size of the AC fan motor and short fan blades, DC fans are just the opposite, with long fan blades and small motors, so the unit area driven by more air flow, more air volume, better heat dissipation capacity.

Third, different materials

The outer frame of AC fan is generally aluminum frame, while the outer frame of DC fan is plastic frame, which has different ability to withstand high temperature.

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